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Tur-Duc-Hen With Pork and Sausage Jambalaya

from United States by Big Easy Foods
1 piece, 15 lbs frozen   $141.50
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About Tur-Duc-Hen With Pork and Sausage Jambalaya

This fantastic creation is a favorite of many during Thanksgiving! To create a Tur-duc-ken, the folks at Big Easy Foods take a deboned chicken and stuff it into a deboned duck – that makes the “duc-hen” part – and then they stuff that into a deboned turkey, getting, yes, a Turkey-Duck-Chicken! This tur-duc-hen with pork sausage Jambalaya is succulent, juicy, the best all (bird) worlds!  

This particular “bird” is partially deboned comes with a flavorful pork and sausage Jambalaya, seasoned with a special blend of Big Easy spices. Just cook like a regular turkey come Thanksgiving.

Storage Information

  • Product will arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag.
  • Refrigerate or freeze immediately upon receipt.
  • Defrost 48hs in the refrigerator.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Is this gluten free?
A: The Tur-Duc-Hen with pork and Sausage Jambalaya is not gluten free.

Q: Can this product turduchens be fried?
A: You could try frying this product after it's been oven-cooked, but we have not tried this ourselves, so cannot guarantee whether the results would be satisfactory. The manufacturer only recommends oven-cooking it. Instructions can be found here: 

Q: Can I get this without the pork part?
A: This is the only Tur-Duc-Hen we currently carry. We do not produce it ourselves, we are just a seller, so unfortunately the product cannot be changed.


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