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Wagyu Rib Eye MS5 - Whole  | Steaks and Game

Wagyu Rib Eye MS5 - Whole, PRE-ORDER

from Australia by Greg Norman Signature
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13 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $56.47 $734.11 6312507
3 x 13 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $49.12 $1915.68 6312508

Wagyu Rib Eye MS5 - Whole, PRE-ORDER

The Australian Wagyu beef supply is currently very limited, so we can only offer this product by pre-order at this time. This means items usually ship out within two to three weeks but may ship out later or earlier, as stock becomes available. This item is NOT eligible for our Requested Delivery Date program and can not be guaranteed for delivery on a specific date.

Our beautifully marbled Wagyu beef from Greg Norman’s Signature collection has a wonderfully tender texture with just the right amount of ‘chew’ and the fantastic ability to transform any meal into a special occasion. Premium Wagyu beef ensures a luxurious eating experience and is the ideal choice whenever you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Ranked MS5 (MS stands for Marbling Score), this Ribeye is the exact middle of the road option. A perfect balance of rich flavor and consistent and sumptuous marbling yet with a more approachable price point, our MS5 options strike an excellent parity and produce some of our favorite dishes.

Sourced from one of the most highly regarded meat purveyors in the Southern Hemisphere, Greg Norman produces some of the finest Australian Wagyu cattle available. With painstaking dedication and strict adherence to the same traditions created and practiced by the Japanese farmers who made the name Wagyu famous, they produce beef that can rival even the finest Kobe beef from the East. Never given any hormones, antibiotics, or additives, you’ll find that besides being some of the most delicious meat you’ll ever try, it’s also some of the healthiest. Given free-range to graze on the native flora of the Australian outback until they are matured, these Wagyu cattle spend the last 300 days of their life on a special diet of grains. This feed, the amounts given, and the length of time spent eating it give our Wagyu an exceptional amount of intramuscular fat that is evenly dispersed throughout the muscles. This fine veining of snow-white fat lends all the cuts fabricated from this special beef a richness of taste and buttery, soft texture that we anticipate from only the highest quality Wagyu.

Sold whole, these hefty ribeyes weigh in at a whopping 13-pounds. Masterfully butchered and broken down into whole muscles, you’ll find it an easy task to fabricate this delightful portion of meat into anything from traditional steaks to roasts or even medallions, depending on your culinary goals. Well-marbled, the high ratio of fat and its amazingly consistent disbursement render finished steaks with more flavor, tenderness, and a juicy quality unrivaled by other forms of beef. Taste all the amazing qualities of our premium Wagyu, and start elevating your cooking today.

Marble Score: 5
Availability: Usually ships within 22 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

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5 out of 5 stars rating(5.00)1 ratings Log in to rate this item.
5 out of 5 stars ratingMay 05, 2020


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6312507 13 lbs, whole, uncut 11.00 lbs. - 14.50 lbs. $56.47
6312508 3 x 13 lbs, whole, uncut 33.00 lbs. - 43.50 lbs. $49.12