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Wagyu NY Strip Vein End Roast, MS3

Wagyu NY Strip Vein End Roast, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
10 lbs frozen $22.80 $228.00

Wagyu NY Strip Vein End Roast, MS3

Our Wagyu New York Strip Vein End roast makes an elegant presentation for any table, and with its juicy and succulent texture, all your guests are sure to be requesting seconds. Similar to a Prime Rib but slightly lighter, this Wagyu Strip is bound to be everyone’s favorite as soon as it’s tried. Weighing in at a whopping 10-pounds, this is the ideal cut when feeding a crowd or catering a big event. For an impressive and decadent main course, look to our Wagyu New York Strip roast for all your gastronomic needs.

Traveling under many monikers the New York Strip roast is also commonly marketed as a Top Loin of beef, a Strip Loin, or a Strip Roast. Sourced from the Loin this section of the cow is situated right below the backbone and is home to some of the most tender cuts available, from the T-bone and Porterhouse to the decadent Tenderloin. Our New York Strip roast boasts all the flavor you could want while also having a great combination of tenderness and chew. Possessing all our favorite characteristics, this Wagyu New York roast will soon become a regular addition to your weekly dinner rotation.

Already a favorite portion, our NY roast gets that much better thanks to the fact that it’s cut from premium Australian Wagyu beef! Bred specifically to maximize the ratio of fat to meat and generate beef with beautifully even and generous amounts of marbling, our Wagyu NY Strip has a wonderfully savory flavor with a creamy, rich veining of fat riddling throughout. This intramuscular fat network melts into the meat during the cooking process and imbues it with excellent flavor and a moist, juicy quality you wouldn’t expect to find in other forms of generic beef.

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