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Wagyu Beef Tail

Wagyu Beef Tail

from Australia by Broadleaf
5 pieces, 3 lbs ea frozen $9.50 $142.50 6305701

Wagyu Beef Tail

Perfect for braising, our Wagyu beef tail is an excellent addition to stocks, stews, and other, warm and hearty fare. Gelatin-rich, due to the high amount of collagen in this cut, our Wagyu beef tail makes flavorful dishes you’re sure to love! Used for centuries the beef tail remains a favorite among everyone from the avid home cook to the seasoned professional, and you’ll find beef (or ox) tail on the menu everywhere from your small local Caribbean market to Michelin starred restaurants. Perfect for making rich consommés and lush gourmet sauces, our Wagyu beef tail adds both flavor and body to your recipes and is the ideal addition to any dish in need of more intense meaty flavor.

Sourced from Australia, our Wagyu beef comes from 100% heritage Wagyu cattle. Raised using the same time-tested methods first developed in Japan, our cattle are nourished on their mother’s milk until they reach the age of maturation, at which point they are switched to a strict diet of fiber and a high energy concentrate made from rice, wheat, and hay. Fed sometimes as much as three times a day, this consistent feeding coupled with a stress-free life helps achieve that even and generous webbing of rich, creamy fat that imbues Wagyu with its luxurious flavor and its tender, almost buttery texture. Never given any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants, you’ll find our Wagyu beef options are not only some of the most delicious, but they are also some of the most nutritionally beneficial.

More commonly marketed as oxtail, beef tail was once made from Oxen, but today is more commonly harvested from cattle. Taken from both the males or the females, beef tail is just what it sounds like. Skinned and cut into sections, each cross-section boasts a small round bone with a marrow-filled center, then an additional layer of meat surrounding each bone. When you purchase our Wagyu beef tail, you’ll get five hefty sections weighing in at roughly 3-pounds each. Our Wagyu beef tail keeps well in the refrigerator for three to five days, or if saving for later, in the freezer for up to a year. Never has it been easier to start cooking with and enjoying this sometimes hard-to-find cut, sourced from premium Wagyu beef. Just a click away, browse through our entire selection of Wagyu products and other exotic gourmet meats, and thanks to our expedited shipping services, receive them as soon as tomorrow!

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