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Steaks And GameWagyu BeefStrip Loin - NY Strip SteaksWagyu Beef NY Strip Steaks, 1 Inch Cut, MS3
Wagyu Beef NY Strip Steaks, 1 Inch Cut, MS3

Wagyu Beef NY Strip Steaks, 1 Inch Cut, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
14-16 steaks, 10 oz avg ea frozen $41.70 $417.00

Wagyu Beef NY Strip Steaks, 1 Inch Cut, MS3

Our Wagyu beef from Broadleaf, with its superior marbling, results in a New York strip that is meltingly soft and bursting with the rich taste of this truly special meat. Weighing in at an incredible 10-ounces, these hefty New York strips are cut 1-inch thick, easily, filling up even the largest plates and satiating the biggest appetites! A true statement piece, these huge steaks boast incredibly even marbling that imbues our NY strips with amazing flavor and help maintain moisture throughout the cooking process resulting in some seriously juicy steaks.

The New York strip makes up half of one of the most coveted cuts of beef available. The first cousin of the T-bone, the New York strip steak, occupies the other side of that distinctly shaped bone. Essentially two steaks in one, each delicious in their own right, when both steaks are left on the bone and sold as a whole, you are presented with a third option, the massive portion known as a Porterhouse. A true trifecta of delicious beefy flavor, this section of meat is highly regarded for its intensely savory taste and tenderness. Already a popular choice, our New York strip is transported to new heights of deliciousness thanks to the fact it’s sourced from premium Australian Wagyu beef!

Sold in 11-pound packs, each order of Wagyu beef NY Strip steaks carries between 14-16 steaks each, depending on weight, so you have plenty for the whole family. Individually frozen, keep extra steaks in your freezer for a quick and delicious meal any time the mood strikes. Shipped overnight to maintain quality, we take every precaution to ensure your Wagyu arrives in excellent condition. Carefully packaged in insulated boxes, your meat should arrive very cold, and most times, still completely frozen. If ready to use immediately, thaw your steaks in the refrigerator, or if waiting for a special event, return them to your freezer upon arrival. Elevate your cooking and start enjoying the incredible taste of Wagyu on a regular basis by ordering from our carefully curated selection of gourmet meats today.

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6313601 14-16 steaks, 10 oz avg ea 9.00 lbs. - 11.00 lbs. $41.70


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