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Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak MS5 Whole from Australia | Steaks and Game

Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak - MS5 - Whole

from Australia by Broadleaf
13 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $46.23 $600.99 6312807
3 x 13 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $39.90 $1556.10 6312808

Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak - MS5 - Whole

A beautiful cut of meat, our Wagyu New York Strip steaks require little more than some high heat and a bit of technique to render incredible results! Our boneless whole Wagyu NY Strip is the ideal option for any meat lover! Sold whole, our Strip steak weighs in at a massive 13-pounds making its gastronomic possibilities virtually endless. Create anything from a succulent roast to thick-cut individual steaks, with our versatile Wagyu Strip steak.

At Steaks and Game, we are proud to be offering some of the finest gourmet meats on the market sourced from one of the leading purveyors in the world, Broadleaf! With painstaking effort, Broadleaf works tirelessly to curate a collection of the very finest premium meats available. Their Australian Wagyu comes from sustainable farms who practice the same traditional methods as the Japanese who first made the name Wagyu famous! Never given any antibiotics or hormones, our Australian Wagyu cattle are finished on a specialty grain diet for their final 300 days to help create that rich flavor profile, incomparable marbling, and soft, tender texture.

Sourced from the short loin, this primal muscle isn't responsible for very much of the weight or daily movement, making the New York Strip a wonderfully succulent cut of meat. Already one of the most coveted cuts, our New York strip is rendered even more tender and buttery thanks to the fact that it's Wagyu! Known around the world for their high ratio of intramuscular fat and their incredibly even marbling Wagyu beef can transform all the best cuts into something even better!

The perfect combination of quality and thrift, our MS5 Wagyu New York Strip steak ranks right in the center of the marbling score. While significantly richer in terms of flavor and boasting more fat than cuts hanging around the lower end of the spectrum, our MS5 is slightly less fatty than those at the high end. This compromise in fat content results in big savings, making our middle of the road option one of the best. Combine all the wonderful characteristics of premium Wagyu beef at a price point that is significantly lower than what you’d pay for the 9+ options and start enjoying all the phenomenal attributes of the specialty meat that is Wagyu beef.

Marble Score: 5
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6312807 13 lbs, whole, uncut 11.50 lbs. - 14.50 lbs. $46.23
6312808 3 x 13 lbs, whole, uncut 35.00 lbs. - 44.00 lbs. $39.90


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