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Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs, 8 Inch

Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs, 8 Inch

from United States by Broadleaf
pack of 15, 5.33 oz ea frozen $15.41 $77.05
2 x pack of 15, 5.33 oz ea frozen $12.65 $126.50

Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs, 8 Inch

Our Wagyu hotdogs are crafted from 100% gourmet Wagyu beef combined with a signature blend of expertly combined spices, to create a hot dog eating experience like you’ve never had before! Complete with the juicy interior and firm pop of casing we associate with a good beef frank, this specialty Wagyu hotdog has all the characteristics that we know and love, along with the added rich and zesty taste of premium Wagyu. Prepare these specialty dogs in the same way you would an ordinary hotdog and individualize them in whichever ways you prefer. Endlessly versatile, choose your favorite method of preparation and dress up these hot dogs with anything from a simple slick of mustard to the chili and cheese that make up a classic coney. However you choose to adorn them, we know you’re going to fall in love with the deeply savory taste and added richness that’s intrinsic to these delectable Wagyu beef franks.

Wagyu has long been lauded as one of the finest forms of meat in the world thanks to its manifold superior qualities, including but not limited to: higher ratios of fat to meat and more even disbursement of said fat. Thanks to this particular quality, Wagyu is not only juicier and more flavorful than generic forms of beef but also significantly more tender. Melting at 25C, this Wagyu fat will begin to literally melt in your mouth, yielding a meat-eating experience unlike any other.

Sourced from the vast Australian outback our cattle are raised free-range until maturity, at which point their last 300 days are spent on a specialty diet of grain, just the way they do it in Japan. This all-grain diet helps to promote that wonderful marbling and the rich flavor profile we associate with superior quality Wagyu beef. Never given any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants, not only is our Australian Wagyu some of the finest meat in the world, it’s also some of the most wholesome available on the market! Try our 100% Wagyu beef hot dogs from Broadleaf today and level up your grill game with this gourmet meat!

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Are the hot dogs salt free?
A: The hot dogs contain salt.

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