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Steaks And GameBison / BuffaloTenderloin - Filet MignonBison Tenderloin, 3.5-5 lbs - Whole
Bison Tenderloin, 3.5-5 lbs - Whole | Steaks and Game

Bison Tenderloin, 3.5-5 lbs - Whole

from United States by Broadleaf
5 x 6 lbs whole, uncut chilled $45.58 $1367.40

Bison Tenderloin, 3.5-5 lbs - Whole

We’re proud to offer whole succulent Colorado prairie-raised Bison tenderloins, perfect for roasts, smoking or to portion into steaks of your preferred thickness.  This boldly flavorful Buffalo tenderloin meat from Colorado is not only delicious, it’s also naturally lean, with less fat and calories than beef and even chicken, without sacrificing a beefy taste.

Our American bison (also commonly known as buffalo, although that name refers to the European buffalo whose milk makes the famous mozzarella) is roams free on vast enclosed verdant prairies in Colorado farms, just like they did before they almost went extinct. There they feed on rich grasses which renders their meat ripe with a grassy flavor that never gets gamey. They’re grain-finished for added tenderness and a sweeter flavor, and never given any hormones or antibiotics.

This Buffalo Tenderloin meat from Colorado is not only delicious, it’s also incredibly versatile, perfect for pan-frying with a bit of oil or compound butter or grilled to juicy perfection. Because Bison is leaner than beef, it tends to cook more quickly and is best served at medium-rare. Keep an eye while cooking so it doesn’t get overcooked.

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