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About our Affiliate Program

The Steak And Game affiliate program is an amazing and TOTALLY FREE opportunity for you to earn money simply by placing a button, text link, or banner linking to SteakAndGame.com from your website, App or social media site. It's easy: when visitors click on our link from your website and buy any product at SteakAndGame.com, you automatically make a 10% commission on their purchase! Best of all, our affiliate program allows you access to all 4 of our partner sites, GourmetFoodStore.com, GourmetFoodWorld.comSteaksAndGame.com and GourmetWholesaler.com all through our simple to use affiliate program manager.

About our Companies in The Affiliate Program

How does SteakAndGame.com's Affiliate Program work?

We give you a selection of beautiful banners and images to place on your website, and when your visitors click on them and buy any products from our site, we pay you a 10% commission on their purchase (for detailed commission information, go to our Frequently Asked Questions section).

How do I direct someone to SteakAndGame.com?

You are able to choose between text links, individual products links, images, and banners to place on your site. When your visitors click on any of them, they will be automatically directed to our site. You also have full control of where you link people to on our site. You can link them to the home page, a category page, or directly to a product detail page.

Why Join our Affiliate Program?

How To Get Started

Two simple steps

If you still have questions, you should check out our Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions. If that doesn't answer all of your questions, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions directly, just contact us.